You Can Save An Average Of $3,471
Over The Next 10 Years On Your
Registered Agent Fees

And get the top-quality service you deserve
with our exclusive Pay Once For Life plan



We’re Turning The Business World Upside-down!

● Highly advertised Registered Agents have an average fee of $377 for one year

● Registered Agent 4 Life’s fee is $299 Forever!

● Same service level – same service speed

● No more payments – no yearly increases

● RA4L is a Nationwide attorney-led compliance service

● 27 Years Experience

● Corporate Attorneys on-call for you.

● Real-Time service of process documents


How Can We Offer
One Payment For Life
When Others Don’t?


Minimal Advertising

Cutting Edge Technology

Family Owned

We’re Not Greedy

Why Hire A Registered Agent (RA)?

● RA’s are required in all 50 states for ALL business entities, including non-profits

● Real-Time Compliance Alerts so your business is always in good standing

● Real-Time, 8-Hour service of process so business is informed of lawsuits

● Access to Corporate Attorney for questions on suits filed against you

● Now with “Pay Once For Life” you save money every year


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