Paying Annually For Registered Agent Service Is For The Stone Age

One Time Payment For Statutory Agent Service

Paying For Annual and Monthly Registered Agent Service Is A Waste Of Money

Every year companies like yours are spending money on this service and typically never NEED it. That is why our company is introducing the only lifetime registered agent service.

That's right! One payment for a lifetime of service.

See... Companies have become very crafty in monetizing services that have little output required from the business that is charging you monthly or annually.

That means while your business bank account is being charged every month, someone else is enjoying a free lunch this month because you did not receive any "legal notices"...


We think that is just simply WRONG!

Your hard-earned cash deserves to stay in your business account versus paying for services that are rarely "activated".


Why Do Companies Think They Can Charge Monthly & Annually For Statutory Agent?

  1.  Having A Registered Agent is a Requirement.
  2. Business owners typically do not want to receive legal documents first.
  3. Easy solution for business owners to simply not worry about it.


These are pain points that trick businesses into a monthly or annual recurring charge! You can cancel your monthly/annual registered agent plan by clicking the button below now!

Unlock Your Life Time Registered Agent Here



Services like this, are simply not really needing a monthly or annual fee to accomplish. The workload over the lifetime of a business simply does not justify the business expense that legal zoom or other "registered agent" services charge.

Your money is simply being collected with the collector hoping you never get any registered mail that needs to be forwarded.

For small business owners Registered Agent For Life is the solution to cutting residual business expenses and ensuring that their registered mail is still forwarded on time.


Let's be honest... most companies do not utilize the service that is billing them. However, you continually pay their monthly/annual fees to remain compliant with your state because it is a "requirement".

The truth is, you can be your own agent, which works for some business owners, but it also makes you respond to legal forms as soon as you get them. Having a registered agent service allows you more time to respond to any legal notices that you might receive.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Registered Statutory Agent?

Responding to legal documents is never fun. Ensuring you receive them can be a problem if you are not actively checking your mail regularly or have employees that receive mail on your business's behalf.

Having a registered agent prevents you from worrying about whether you received the notice or not. This removes the potential mistakes an employee can make when they "throw away the junk mail" that we all get on a daily basis.

Once you sign up with our website, you never have to pay for the service again. This is the ONLY business that is providing a LIFE-TIME solution for registered agent service.

The days of paying monthly fees are over!

Our business model is designed to end the price gouging other companies are using when business owners are trying to solve a requirement for the state. Being in the position that "You have to have one" makes business owners fall for the illusion that monthly and annual plans are the ONLY option available.

Business owners simply make a fast decision to make their problem go away.

The fact of the matter is that the fast decision to solve their problem ended up being a continual expense for a service that is rarely used.

Consider pluging the financial leaks in your service subscriptions by activating your Life Time Registered Agent Service.





Activate Your Life Time Registered Agent Service Now

Warmest Regards,

Registered Agent 4 Life Team~


P.S. Each year business owners forget to file a simple report that can cause your business license to be revoked. Send us a message with your Business Name and Phone Number and one of our representatives will check if your business is compliant and help you file every year.

We File For Free the first year when you sign up for our Registered Agent For Life service.

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Updated: June 14, 2021 — 3:43 pm

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